Nico Stepan

About Me

I'm a software engineer interested in social internet products, VR, and cybersecurity. I hold degrees in both physics and computer science from McMaster University where I graduated in 2020.

Aside from coding, I enjoy golfing, backpacking, and 360°/VR photography. You can check out some 360° photos on Placebox.

Feel free to contact me, I'm always happy to chat!




A VR-friendly social network for 360° panoramas. Placebox delivers an immersive user experience either when wearing a VR headset, or when on web or mobile. Placebox brings images to life so users can become inspired by them and enjoy them vicariously.


LaTeX Lab

A website that can generate LaTeX documents without ever touching LaTeX code. LaTeX Lab has a powerful and user-friendly drag and drop interface that allows users to generate professional documents containing code blocks, equations, tables, and more.



This project displays all sorted gas station prices based on user entered address, city, area, and preferred travel distance to gas station. Built with Python, the urllib and Geocoder libraries are used to web-scrape real-time data and append to a JSON file.


BePind You

A project built with the ultrasonic range sensor Raspberry Pi module that notifies the user via LED when someone is close behind them. Programmed in C, the notifications vary for different distance circumstances.


Terrain Generator

OpenGL/GLUT project that generates a random terrain using either the circles algorithm or the fault algorithm. The program allows the user to select a variety of terrain and lighting configurations.



An app that provides a user with targeted advertising based on their physical facial features and accessories. Using a dataset with over 200,000 images, Jabbic utilizes a custom API built with Google’s AutoML to display an advertisement pertaining to the user.


B.Sc. Paper

A paper written to obtain a B.Sc. in Physics. This research was conducted alongside a distinguished faculty member and involves spacetime geometry, cosmological parameters, dark energy, and universal expansion.


Modelling System

OpenGL/GLUT project that allows a user to create, save, or load a scene of 3D interactive objects. The system also supports object transformations, texture mapping, lighting settings, and other features.

More projects coming soon. 


Work Experience


Starting September 2020, I'll be a full-time software engineer at Facebook. During the summer of 2019, I was an intern at Facebook in Ads Infrastructure. I worked with React and PHP to develop a personalized, self-serve auto-diagnosis tool to detect Facebook revenue issues.


I was a Genius Bar Technician at Apple primarily repairing devices and mentoring new technicians. By providing a seamless experience and efficiently applying technical expertise, I played a crucial role in customers having lifelong relationships with Apple.

Spruzzo Design

I was a Full-Stack Developer for Spruzzo, a startup based in Hamilton and Toronto. Working with a team of UX Designers, we built mobile applications and provided consulting for other teams with projects and ideas. More information about Spruzzo can be found here.